5 Reasons Why Brands Should Use QR Codes

June 25th, 2020 · 4 minute read

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The key to a successful brand is to offer a consistent, engaging experience for your audience. To that end, you must align the experience across every channel where they encounter you — both print and digital. For many marketers, there’s where an issue arises. Perhaps their print materials aren’t reaching the right people. Perhaps the digital presence is relatively new and unknown by the established customer base. Either way, you need to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital realm. Flowcode can help you achieve just that by providing a link between the two. Here are five reasons why brands should use Flowcode QR Codes.

How are Brands Using QR Codes?

1. They Allow you to Digitally Enhance any Print Advertisement

If you’ve seen the Harry Potter films, you’ve seen ads and newspapers with moving images, as though videos were embedded in them. While that technology is not yet widely available, you can get close by using Flowcode. Is there a video you’d love your audience to see when they view your print advertisements, e.g. a video testimonial or product demo? Generate a Flowcode for it, then print it on your brochure or ad. Your audience can instantly access the video when they scan your code. Even better, you can track how many people have done so.

2. They Enhance your Brick-and-Mortar Presence

A brand is what other people say about your company, which means that you should prioritize making a good customer experience. If your brand entails a brick-and-mortar location, it behooves you to make it as user-friendly and engaging as possible. Try using a Flowcode to offer multimedia content, exclusive discounts, or information portals throughout your venue. Your customers will love being in a place where they can have easy access to valuable content.

3. They Make it Easy for People to Contact You

Offering exceptional customer service is crucial to your brand’s success — and no consumer enjoys having to hunt for your contact information. Try creating a code that instantly generates a phone call or email to your customer service line, and post the code in your store. You could also print it on your receipts. Tip: Ensure that you have automation in place to handle an influx of messages once you do this.

4. They Drive Lead Generation

How many leads do you lose because it’s difficult to contact you? These days, consumers expect everything to be very easy and convenient. Busy people might mean to call your business or send you an email, but they simply get distracted. Close the gap between the initial touch and lead generation by using Flowcode. You can generate a code for your business email or phone number, allowing consumers to instantly contact you when they scan your code. Post the code on flyers advertising your services, or include it on your business cards.

5. They’re Affordable and Easy to Create

Flowcode may seem like some fancy, overpriced technology, but they’re actually quite cheap and simple. That’s a huge plus for marketers who may have exceeded their ad budget trying to connect with their target audience. And with Flowcode's huge potential to generate leads and boost customer loyalty, they more than pay for themselves.

Ready to Use QR Codes for your Brand?

To get started with Flowcode, visit Flowcode.com. It’s easy and quick to enter your links or contact information and get a hi-res code suitable for printing. Your first five codes are free, and then you pay a nominal fee to make more. All of your codes are organized in a personalized dashboard where you can track analytics. You can also change the destination, even after printing a Flowcode, in case you want to update your link or phone number. Ready to power up your brand presence? Visit Flowcode.com today.

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