3 Ways To Use QR Codes on TV With FlowcodeTV

September 16th, 2021 · 3 minute read

qr codes on tv

If you've tuned into Good Morning America or an NBA or NFL game recently, odds are you've seen a Flowcode QR code on your TV. Flowcode QR codes have quickly gained popularity among networks and advertisers because of their unique ability to connect television audiences to digital experiences and build sustained interest. Flowcodes can be both integrated into existing content with lower third graphics, or they can be embedded as attention-grabbing full-screen and half-screen intros and outros. Flowcode is the most impactful and least difficult to implement for television content and ads regardless of their presentation.

How do I use a QR code my TV?

QR codes can be incorporated onto TV through using FlowcodeTV. With real time engagement metrics and optimized for fast scanning, here are a few ways how and why QR codes for TV are the right decision for you!

1. QR codes on TV connect viewers to your online experience

FlowcodeTV is the first QR code optimized for television and has been implemented and approved on 55+ channels and is the preferred QR partner for ESPN, NBCUniversal, Turner Sports, Sinclair and dozens of other TV networks and providers. Flowcodes can easily be integrated into live events and original programming. Networks and creators can use Flowcodes in their sidebars or other on-screen graphics that scan to link viewers with expanded content offerings and experiences. Networks can feature Flowcodes that link to educational resources, social media accounts, programming schedules, and more.

For example, Good Morning America uses Flowcode during the "Deals and Steals" segment, creating an instantly shoppable experience for viewers. Flowcodes have been integrated into live sports like NFL and NBA games, allowing viewers to further connect with their online experience without disrupting the viewing experience.

2. QR codes on TV can be used in advertisements

Advertisers and sponsors can use Flowcodes to maximize cost-effectiveness by instantly linking interested viewers to their product information, social media accounts, or digital experiences. An advertisement might pique viewers' interest momentarily but could quickly be forgotten without the viewers having the chance to take action. Flowcodes are privacy compliant with both CCPA and GDPR, so both advertisers and consumers are protected. Advertisements including a FlowcodeTV side banner or outro graphic can have a more sustained impact and create a link between a viewer's television and mobile device. 

Advertisers can also use Flowcode's insightful analytics to track how the audience interacts with their content and see which advertisements draw actionable interest.

qr codes on tv

3. QR codes on TV can scan to directly donate

With the rising prominence of fundraising websites like GoFundMe and Fundly, it seems like people are more and more likely to donate to an issue they care about on a whim. These donation links make frequent appearances for those scrolling through social media, and within a few clicks, donations can be made. Making it quick and easy for people to donate for charity donations on TV is paramount to consider. FlowcodeTV can be used to make it much simpler for viewers to contribute with a quick scan. Organizations like MealsUp / WheelsUp and City Meals on Wheels use FlowcodeTV to ensure their television fundraising is as effective as it can be.

FlowcodeTV offers templatized code integrations that can be mocked up for brands within 48 hours. To find out more about how FlowcodeTV can enhance the viewing experience or request a live demo, visit flowcode.com/tv. 

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